Author Matt Smith , May 28, 2019 11:49:00 AM

This question is one I often face. Let’s start off by being open. Like all walks of life there are the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’m going to focus on the main benefits that a good recruitment firm will bring you.

It starts with the door opener

Recruiters look at CV’s everyday, and have a very good sense of a good one and a, well, less good one. A good recruiter will advise you on how to design your CV better for the roles you are applying for, leading to more interviews both with their clients, as well as any direct applications you make for yourself.

Inside knowledge

Good recruiters know their clients well. From the work atmosphere to the interview process itself, they will be able to prepare you much better than if you were applying directly by giving you an idea everything from the sort of things that will be asked, to what is really important on the job description or what is not a focus for the client.

Extra ears, eyes, and hands

A job search is time consuming, and stressful. A recruiter will be your Google maps when you can’t find the office entrance, your personal stylist when you aren’t sure about the dress code, and your counsellor when you are nervous about an interview or you have a moment of panic.

Of course, the job

Agency recruiters sometimes have an advantage over in house recruiters here. An inhouse recruiter will often discuss the role that you have applied for, and will often assess your suitability for that particular job.

An agency recruiter usually has a wider overview of the market, multiple companies they recruit for, as well as a wider selection of positions. Chances are, if you apply for a job you aren’t right for, they may have one which is a fit.

A good recruiter can give you the following advantages

  • Improve your CV so that you will have a higher chance of facetime with the employer
  • Prepare you for the interview, what to expect, what you may be asked, and any key points which should be highlighted during the interview.
  • Be your partner in the search, not just professionally but also as a shoulder when it all gets too much
  • Provide you with market, company, role information, and expose you to more roles and information than you’ll be able to get from a simple Google search.

Want to find our more about how Randstad can help you as a candidate? Check out the video which Ross from Randstad USA has provided you with. 

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