Author Véronique Traber, Aug 8, 2019 10:38:19 AM

Wage negotiations can be a tough part of the application process or your annual appraisal. We've asked five Randstad recruiters to give us the inside scoop and share their best tips with you.


Lucie Nasshan

Life Sciences Recruiter

"It's important that you have a wage range in mind before starting the negotiations and don't just name a figure. Make sure you consider your living expenses, your rent and any tax you have to pay and don't just rely on online sources."


Sarina Hangartner

Consultant, Zurich Office

"Picking the right time to negotiate your wage can be crucial. Some moments are better than others for discussing your wage. For example, have you achieved or even surpassed your goals, or have you worked at the company for some time and are taking on additional tasks that aren't in your job description? These all present good opportunities to talk about a wage increase – take advantage of them!"


Matthew Smith

IT & Engineering Recruiter

"You shouldn't refrain from showing your interest in the role before you've agreed on a final wage. You could say something like: 'I am really interested in the role, and if we can agree to meet halfway at CHF 100,000 I would be delighted to accept your offer'. If you show genuine interest in the position and are prepared to agree on an offer quickly, this will create trust and confidence in you as a candidate. It also shows that the wage negotiations have an end in sight and that you'll accept the job with a simple compromise.  This saves the HR contact a lot of back-and-forth."

Jean-Pierre Croisier

IT Recruiter

"Wage should never be a motivating factor, but of course your skills have value. When negotiating your wage, you should clearly demonstrate that your experience or academic background have value. Show your (future) employer that you're a great investment. Make sure you have some good arguments prepared before going into the negotiations. Don't oversell yourself and stay self-confident but humble. One last tip: ask your Randstad Recruiter what kind of wage would be realistic for a given position. We know what wages are typical for the market and would be happy to help."

Erika Stegagnini

Account Assistant

"So, you've made it to the wage negotiations stage of the application process?! Congratulations! It's a positive indicator that you've made a good impression in your interviews. At the same time, it's sometimes a difficult position that you don't want to get tangled up in.

If you're at that stage, think of the following three points:

  1. Think about the lowest wage package you'd accept and wouldn't budge from. 
  2. Determine a wage range taking into account your experience, your geographical location, your skills for the job at hand and other benefits and perks offered by the employer.
  3. When formulating your wage expectations, it's better to put these down in writing and provide reasons supporting each element you're asking for.

And, as for most negotiations in life, be flexible and reasonable! Good luck!"


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