Author Véronique Traber, May 13, 2019 3:52:45 PM

Swiss employees are loyal. Last year, 78% of employees in Switzerland continued working for their current employer. Getting employees to stay for the long term has a positive financial impact on companies. But how can you influence this without knowing what employees value about their roles?

The latest Employer Branding Study by Randstad surveyed 5,225 Swiss employees and shows, among other things, the reasons why employees stay in their positions.

A good working environment invites employees to stay

These are the five most important reasons that Swiss employees had for staying in their roles:

REBR_Infografic_why employees stay

The most important factor is a good working environment. But what does this mean to employees? The employees we surveyed indicated that a good working environment is one where they can apply their skills and expertise. It is also one where they feel properly appreciated and get along well with their colleagues.

Fair pay and job security

An attractive salary and social benefits are the most important criteria when employees chose an employer. Therefore, it isn't surprising that this is also one of the most important reasons for staying with an employer. However, it is difficult to increase all salaries in one go. But there is good news. By using an employee survey, you can find out, for example, whether your company's existing benefits are even suitable for your employees or if they have other needs. Once this becomes clear, benefits can be adjusted to fit employees' needs, if required.

Long-term job security is something that Swiss employees really value. However, if employees do not see clear opportunities for growth in their careers, their dedication and overall performance may be negatively influenced. Therefore, as an employer, you would do well to create career pathways and not simply fill roles.

How to ensure that your best employees stay with your company

In a candidate-driven job market with a low unemployment rate (like we currently have in Switzerland), employers must think about how they can positively impact the professional lives of their employees if they want them to stay. Consider the personal and professional goals of your employees from all angles in order to create an effective and individualized retention strategy. This approach will help future-proof your company and create goodwill among your employees.

To find out how the reasons for staying with an employer differ according to age, read the current Employer Branding Research.

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