Author Véronique Traber, Dec 16, 2020 11:22:43 AM

Hiring suitable employees is a crucial activity for an SME. These simple 5 tips will help you find the right talent for your company. In addition, these tips will save you valuable time that you can devote to other tasks.


Tip #1

Write a meaningful job advertisement

Job advertisements have changed over time. The job advertisement is the calling card for your SME and the first impression as an employer. Therefore, formulate it clearly, completely and attractively. Integrate benefits and explain what your company offers for new talent. 


Tip #2

Use temporary workers

Flexibility is increasingly in demand in all sectors. Do you need short-term support for a team? Gain expertise about temporary workers or freelancers for projects or filling a temporary gap. Temporary workers can be found for your SME in various areas - make use of them.


Tip #3

Use video interviews

In order to get a first impression of candidates, you save a lot of time if you let this step occur using a video interview. With the right tool (e.g. Modern Hire - available through Randstad) there's no guesswork involved and you can actually encounter the candidates live.


Tip #4:

Outsource administrative HR work

Have you already found a suitable person for a position, but you don't have time for the administrative work associated with being hired? Outsource the processing of the employment contract including the subsequent personnel administration as well as wage payments, social security and any child allowances.  


Tip #5

Hire employees on a test basis

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on the right person for a job right away. Take advantage of the opportunity to hire employees on a trial basis at your SME. If you are convinced about the candidate, take a chance and hire that professional immediately right away. 

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