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Many companies, but also employees, see working from the home office as a new and sensible way to do their work.

But working from home is not just working on a laptop and at a distance. In order to be really efficient and satisfying for everyone, the ideas and tips of our specialists can help.

This is how you stay in contact with your team, maintain the corporate culture and keep morale and motivation high.

This guide covers the following topics:

  • organizational-level engagement
    • regular virtual town-hall meetings
    • monthly or weekly news and business updates
    • podcast or blog
  • professional upskilling
    • hold lunch & learn sessions
    • engage external trainers for webinars
    • increase internal online learning and development
    • create a skills development plan
  • remote team-building
    • virtual drinks or lunch and online pub quiz
    • theme day
    • weekly riddles or brain teasers